All over the whole former Soviet Union Odessa is known as «the Sea Pearl». It is the city glorified in numerous songs and verses. The most famous authors, poets, artists are inspired by its unfading beauty. You can hardly find a person who has never heard of our city. We are proud of being born in Odessa, we are happy we live here, and we adore our city. We want to share our love to Odessa with all our visitors. We want you to know what a wonderful, warm, hospitable, magnificent city it is. Odessa is not like any other city in the world. Only here there's so much sunshine, sea, smiles, Deribasovskaya, Utesov, Privoz, Moldavanka, Yumorina, Teschin Bridge, Arcadia...

Arcadia is one of the most well-known and beautiful resort places of our city. Today we invite you to one of its finest corners: the hotel complex Palace Del Mar. We work here, we love it, we want to share it with you. We are sure you will love it as much as we do, and will return to Odessa again and again, return to Palace Del Mar.

So, the meeting point — Odessa, Arcadia, Palace Del Mar.