In the beginning of the 19th century the place, where today our hotel is situated, was privately-owned — there were cottages belonging to the richest and most influential people of the city.

The first owner of this place was an Italian James Cortazzi, who was the mayer of our city in the years 1848–1857. In the end of 19th — beginning of the 20th century this place changed hands and became the home for a very well-known in Odessa family, Wagner, namely Rink-Wagner.

William Wagner was a German by birth. He came from Switzerland and founded the company «Wagner Business House» on March 1, 1833. William Wagner bought out from J. Cortazzi the luxurious «English Shop», where he used to be a manager. In the 1830-40s this shop was situated at the crossing of Deribasovskaya and Rishelyevskaya streets (the main streets of our city), in Kiriko House. By the end of the 1840s William Wagner became the 1st order merchant and the honourable head of the Alexander orphan-asylum. In 1865 Wagner's «English Shop» moved to the building of Richelieu Lyceum in Deribasovskaya 16 (the corner of Ekaterininskaya street, also the very centre of the city, and today you still can see this house) — and ever since the building has been called Wagner's House.

William Wagner's descendants continued the business, started by their father, making the name of the Wagners more and more famous and glorious. Since 1895 the company was owned by Karl Rink-Wagner, and later by his son, Eduard Rink-Wagner. Eduard Rink-Wagner was inviting to his house the most prominent and well-known people of his time. It is said that Eduard Rink-Wagner was the first to introduce to Odessa's beau monde the new fashionable entertainment — cinematograph. Being a patron of art and a great admirer of the «moving theatre», he donated much money on the development of the cinema in our city.

In 1950 the Soviet government started building sanatorium «Primorye» at this locality. The large complex built at that time included therapeutic mud-baths, electrical-light treatment, hydropathy treatment, a modern diagnostic and treatment laboratory, X-ray room etc.

Complex «Primorye» is a historical building, designed and built in 1950–1962 by architect L. N. Pavlovskaya. The projects for some separate buildings were made by architects L. K. Afanasyeva, M. H. Kutkina, A. L. Goldenberg.

The nearest to the sea building is the holiday home «Primorye» itself. A concave colonnade marks the entrance of the complex, that consists of bedroom blocks, a club and other buildings. The design of the complex and of the administrative building was made by architect L. N. Pavlovskaya.

Today here is situated out hotel complex «Palace Del Mar». We did our best to preserve in our hotel the luxury of the Stalin baroque architecture and spirit of the tsar-time country-estates, belonging to the most respectable people of our city. The building was reconstructed under the direction of the architect Alexey Baderniy. After the reconstruction the whole place looks like a real palace and now we only have to inspire this wonderful place with the impetuous rhythm of the modern life and underline the quiet but luxurious charm of the past.

Even today here remains the spirit of cinematography, old playbills and posters and the intrigue of silent films. The building is filled with the history of the Wagner's family, the history of generations, the history of love to art.

We are always happy to see you in our hotel complex Palace Del Mar. Here you can have a wonderful rest and recreation. If you come to Odessa on business, we offer an extensive range of business services and will endeavour to meet all your needs.

Welcome to «Palace Del Mar»!